Cement/Grain Ship Unloader Needed

Posted in: , on 27. May. 2013 - 18:27

Cement/Grain Ship Unloader Needed

We are a trade company in Egypt and need two mobile ship unloaders for 300 t/h capacity.

1. cement mobile ship unloader

2. grain mobile ship unloader

Please contact us on this Forum site.

Best regards

Elsaid Zaher


Ship Unloaders

Posted on 28. May. 2013 - 02:06

Hello Elsaid Zaher,

Do you have a preference for a grab & hopper, bucket conveyor, pneumatic etc. type of unloaders?

With a relatively low throughput requirement you have plenty of options open to you, and would likely decide based on what/where you are unloading to, vessel size, dust suppression requirements, quay space and quality maintenance (of the grain).

Buttimer have designed and fabricated various types of unloaders - the mobile grab & hoppers in the attached document are probably the most flexible & straightforward.

If you can let us know more specifically your unloading requirements (unloading to trucks? Warehouse?) and conditions at the quay, we can offer you more useful advise!





buttimer ship unloading hoppers brochure (PDF)

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Peter Iremonger Trading Agent For Christianson Systems Minnesota

Posted on 17. Jun. 2013 - 05:22

Hi Elsaid

We can supply to Order Super Portable ship unloaders 300MT/per hr subject to your requirements.

Will attach a couple of pictures to give you a better understanding of what we are able to provide.

Any questions my email below


Peter Iremonger

emal; pitrading@actrix.co.nz

super portable

super portable 3


super portable 2 (PDF)