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Folding Paddle Provides Easy Installation for Bin Level Indicator

Rock Falls, IL, USA – September 15, 2010 - “We are pleased to announce that our Model RH/RHX is now available with our single and 2-vane folding paddles! These paddle attachments allow for easy installation from outside the bin by “folding” for simple insertion through the 1π” NPT mounting connection. These paddles also eliminate the need for a shaft coupling, thereby reducing parts and cost””, says Joe Lewis, Managing Director.

The Model RH/RHX is a rotary paddle bin level indicator that UNIQUELY combines a group of features in an economical package not available elsewhere. This combination of features includes; 1) Flexible Folding Paddles, 2) SUPER BRIGHT locally visible LED’s indicate material normal and alarm conditions, 3) DPDT relay output fail-safe on power failure, 4) four bearings for smooth shaft rotation, 5) automatic motor shutoff when material is present, and 6) food grade materials of construction. This combination of features makes the Model RH/RHX truly unique in the industry. When you add its attractive price, 90-Day Golden Parachute protection and an industry standard warranty, the Model RH/RHX is truly a unique product.

BlueLevel TechnologiesJoe Lewis, with 35 years of process measurement and control experience and knowledge indicates that “rotary paddle technology is the most resilient technology used to detect the presence and absence of a wide variety of powders and bulk solids”. “Since their inception in the 1930’s these mature bin level indicators are the most universal in their use, easy to understand, reliable and provide very high value”, Lewis says.

BlueLevel provides Just Level service strategy.* Just Level is designed to anticipate, meet and exceed the needs of BlueLevel Technologies customers and their industries bringing decades of process measurement and control expertise directly to the user.

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