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Ajax Keg Discharge Station Smooths Hazardous Waste Disposal

Ajax Equipment has supplied Carillion, one of the UK's leading business and construction services companies, with a keg discharge station to assist in the disposal of hazardous waste at UKAEA’s Harwell site in Oxfordshire. The discharge station is being used to empty over 900 drums of waste for pre-treatment prior to landfill.

Carillion was responsible for the safe disposal of waste from 25 pits containing around 5,000 m3 of chemicals and other hazardous materials mixed with chalk and clay, as part of the decommissioning of the UKAEA Harwell site. Initially the waste was stored in 205L/400kg (45/50 gallon) drums for a year while tests on the material were undertaken to assess the best means of disposal. The keg discharge station is being used to empty the contents of each drum onto a conveyor for transfer to a sand and cement stabilising unit where the waste is chemically stabilised. The stabilised material is then discharged into the original drums and plastics IBCs prior to being disposed of at an appropriately licensed landfill site.

Given the nature of the waste material the keg discharge station, conveyor and stabilising unit are housed in a self-contained building with continuous air extraction.

The Ajax keg discharge station provides an elegant and automated solution to removing the waste from the drums. The single operator machine allows up to four 205L drums / kegs to be emptied per hour. After removing the container lid, the drum is tipped through 90 degrees to bring it into contact with a stainless steel auger which is then driven into the waste material and positively extracts it along the screw before depositing it onto a belt conveyor.

“The Ajax keg discharge station saved a good deal of time and provided a bespoke device to extract the waste materials. Manual removal of the waste was out of the question given the hazardous nature of the material.” commented Marcus Foweather, Remediation Director at Carillion. “The keg discharge station is perfect for our requirements and has worked well. We expect to have processed all 900 drums in about 12 weeks,” he said.

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