Drying Fibreglass Efficiently

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How to dry fibreglass efficiently

For Lanxess, one of the world’s most important suppliers of engineering plastics, Celsius designed a dryer to dry fibreglass powder. Early on a plate dryer was used, but this method was relatively expensive due to its lack of efficiency.

Lanxess produces fibreglass and rubber chemicals in its division in Kallo (Belgium). The fibreglass is used as a raw material for high tech plastics. These plastics are used to produce technical parts, which comply with the highest specifications in terms of loading capacity, functional reliability and durability. These components are applied in household appliances and the automotive and electronic industries.

Process description

The moist glass fibres are heated in a continuous process with the help of a double welded screw heat exchanger and this causes the moist percentage to drop under 0.1%.

The °Celsius double welded screw heat exchanger has a screw part and a paddle part. Thermal oil of 185°C flows through the screws and the walls of the housing which makes them heat up. This causes the moist fibreglass to be transported and dry.

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