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Buhler Partec among the top third of companies firms active in nanotechnology

Uzwil, February 21, 2008 – Buhler Partec, which specializes in chemical nanotechnology, was awarded the rating “positive” by New York, USA based emerging technology research and advisory firm Lux Research in its latest reference study, The Nanotech Report, 5th Edition. This external and independent evaluation therefore sees Buhler Partec among the top 31% of the companies active in nanotechnology studied in the report.

New York, USA based emerging technology research and advisory firm Lux Research publishes every year a thoroughly investigated reference study on nanotechnology, The Nanotech Report, including ratings of companies active in the field, and released The Nanotech Report, 5th Edition in December 2007. Lux Research says of the companies it chose to profile, “the aim is to show a representative sample of companies across regions, sectors, and company types, while being sure to include the most well-known companies that anyone with an interest in nanotechnology would want to learn about.”

In The Nanotech Report 5th Edition, Lux Research investigated 121 companies, whereof 78 (64%) in the USA, 12 (10%) in Germany and 31 (26%) spread all over the rest of the world. Each of the investigated companies was issued with one of five possible ratings – in decreasing order of value “very positive” (3%), “positive” (28%), “wait and see” (46%), “caution (21%) and “strong caution” (2%). Buhler Partec was awarded the rating “positive,” placing it top 31% of companies in the study. Lux Research reinforces that the ratings issued are independent and reflect only the opinion of Lux Research.

It’s worth noting that out of the 12 companies investigated in Germany, the 3 investigated companies located in Saarbrucken were all awarded the rating “positive”, one of which is Buhler Partec. All those 3 companies emerged around the environment of the INM Leibniz Institute for New Materials GmbH. A caveat may be the fact that only 8 (7%) of the investigated companies were located in Asia, although this region of the world is very active in the field of nanotechnology as demonstrated annually at the world lagest nanotechnology trade show Tokyo Nanotech.

Buhler Partec, a business unit of the Buhler Technology Group, is a leading solution provider in the field of nanoparticle dispersion technology. The company specializes in the processing and upgrading of nanoparticles and the manufacture of ready-to-use nanoparticle and nano soft-structure dispersions.

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