Mineral Flotation

Posted in: , on 29. Dec. 2007 - 16:10

hi everybody,

we are building minerals processing unit in Brazil which incl. flotation cells.

i´m looking for right formula to calculate rotations of rotors in flotation cells.

Later on would like to discuss about flotation of various minerals incl. gold, moly, also about the possible depresent reagents for unwanted talcs and biotite.

everybody is welcome!

Michael Chong

Re: Mineral Flotation

Posted on 1. Dec. 2007 - 12:05

ok will try to fin this article. thank you for advice.

Re: Mineral Flotation

Posted on 30. Dec. 2007 - 08:49

There's only one text reference to paddle tip speed in Wills - Mineral Process Technology - equation 12.29 - there are 3 articles by Gorain et al 1994-1999 published in Minerals Engineering referenced at the end of chapter 12, which is quite exhaustive.

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