Exercises, Problems, Homework Invited

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send me some exercises, problems, homework assignments to practice

I would like to find a stack of problems to further train my skills in the design of mechanical conveyors. I haven't been able to find any textbook in the subject (or related), neither homeworks at university websites.

Do you know of any textbook or online resource for that? Or maybe, if you feel inspired, you could give me some problems taken straight from your job. Preferably (but not really important) something with known solutions, to check the validity of my own solutions. Yes, I know every designer comes up with a different thing, but I would like to develop the "feel" faster than what I am doing.

Mr. Gustavo Sosa Mechanical Engineer Licensed Grain Inspector RONTIL S.A. Montevideo, Uruguay Providing equipments and assistance to the grain, biomass, fertilizer and sugar industries in Uruguay.
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