Conveying zinc concentrate

Posted in: , on 21. Mar. 2003 - 07:55

We are having export belt conveyor of 1400 mm width and 1000 TPH capacity designed basically for DOC meals, Wheat, etc.

We want to use the same for zinc concentrate. Whether it is feasible? Ofcourse, the belt cleaning after shipment of zinc con. will be taken care prior to shipment of wheat.

Pls. give your views.

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Re: Conveying Zinc Concentrate

Posted on 23. Mar. 2003 - 04:40

Dear Mr. Shah,

Please provide the material characteristics of zinc concentrate.

Re: Conveying Zinc Concentrate

Posted on 23. Mar. 2003 - 07:25

A thought about Zinc conscentrate and grains carried by the same belt. First some facts need to be given.

What is the tonnage and concentrate density of the zinc?

How long is the conveyor?

What is the present design configuration?

How do you plan to load and unload each? Are there different chute systems?

The zinc is around 4-6 times the density of wheat depending on the concentration. thus, it will occupy a small portion of the crossection. I have a thought but need your details.

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Re: Conveying Zinc Concentrate

Posted on 26. Mar. 2003 - 09:47

The characteristics for zinc concentrate what we have recd from the exporter's surveyor is:

bulk density - 2.2 mt/cum

particle size - < 100 mesh

moisture content - 6 to 8%

The conveyor length is nearly 3 kms but not a single length. There will be around 7-8 chutes before material is loaded in the vsl thro ship loader. Loading to the ground hopper will be done by payloader.

I have recd the sample of it. It looks and felt almost like cement.

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Rajesh Mendirat - River Consulting, USA
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Re: Conveying Zinc Concentrate

Posted on 27. Mar. 2003 - 04:42

Dear Mr. Shah,

Please give the TPH of zinc you want to convey and also the slope of the conveyor.

The other aspect to be seen are:

1) Dust extraction

2) Cleaning of the belt, chutes etc. after the zinc is conveyed as mixing of zinc with wheat may not be desirable.

Best Wishes,

Rajesh Mendiratta

Conveying Zinc Concentrate

Posted on 31. Mar. 2003 - 06:25

Dear Sir,

The implications:

1. You will have to limit the conveying rate, of the zinc concentrate, to that of the grain, unless your available power and belt strength will allow more. This means a very small material volume. The belt will appear to be running way underloaded.

2. The wear rate (due to abrasion) at the chutes will be greatly increased.

3. Depending on chute slopes you may also have plugging.

There may be other implications but these are the ones that come to mind.

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Zinc Concentrate

Posted on 1. Apr. 2003 - 10:57

There is a 1MTPA plus port in Geraldton WA Australia that uses the same facility for ship loading many materials including zinc concentrate up until a few years back. The materials include lupin seeds, talc, mineral sands, garnet and others.

The facility is 35 years old and fairly basic and relies on cleaning between uses, plus in some cases rubber insert liners.

It can be done!