Ash Handling

Posted on 20. Jul. 2007 - 07:28

Dear sir:

Please refer to my response to the hot ash inquiry, it may help you.


Re: Bagasse Handling

Posted on 21. Jul. 2007 - 08:08

Dear Mr. sunyahnil,

The word fuel handling is non-specific as there can be many types of fuels. But it seems you are referring to coal handling system or lignite handling systems, which are mainly used as a fuel in India.

As for ash handling system, possibly you are referring for the ash created by burning of such fuel. The ash handling can have material handling equipment / conveyor which are suitable for very hot ash or ash at normal temperature, or ash as coming out from the boiler grates or as it is extracted from the flue gas before the release in the atmosphere, etc.

This is a very big subject and it is not possible to give meaningful information about such a vast engineering application. Either you should see some coal handling plant in your vicinity or read some literature etc. The same is the case with ash handling.


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