Need urgently basic information on iron ore technical terms

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Dear ALL

need info about iron ore technical terms when selling /buying :


We are selling iron ore lumps . In our test Assays , we have Fe2o3 high ( 80 to 94)

should we offer iron ore as grade 80 and abve ?

when looking to big iron ore mining companies in Australia , brazil , they always offer grade 63.5 or 65% grade ?

can you explain me how to identify our grade in professional way ?

should we offer as what is written in the assay test : GRADE OF Fe2O3 : (91.35% ?

more , what is the meaning of rejected in some offers fm big companies ?

we read often : IRON ORE GRADE 65% rejected 65

where can i finf useful information to more understand these topics of grade and rejection ?

thank you very much for your help


Requesting Info On Iron Ore Grades

Posted on 20. Feb. 2008 - 06:37

I am a new Dealer in the Market of Iron Ore.

I would like some assistance from someone expert in this field

My questions are :

I have an assey which is high in Fe2o3 around 91.35%

Should I promote the Fe203 as a grade of iron ore , or shall I say I have 63% because of an unkown parameter for us also.

Why we always see in the market two grades only for sale 63.5% and 65% as well we see some companies offering 63.5% grade rejected 63% what does it mean "rejected 63% "?

Thank you very much for your help and coorporation

Please reply to my email asap:

Mr B

Re: Need Urgently Basic Information On Iron Ore Technical Terms

Posted on 28. Feb. 2008 - 01:46

Have a look at JIS M 8100 & ISO 11323-2002 for starters.

John Gateley