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Please visit our website at http://www.speedswitch.com

ACOUSTICLEAN Acoustic Cleaners are high powered acoustic horns designed to prevent costly particulate build-up. ACOUSTICLEAN horns produce high enegery, low frequency sound waves. This is accomplished by forcing compressed air through a sound generator causing a titanium diaphragm to vibrate. This vibration creates a series of sound waves. The sound waves ebter the vessel resonating the particulate loos from the surfaces on which they have settled.

We also manufacture electronic and mechanical

zero-speed switches. These devices are shaft

driven and can indicate or control the rotary

motion of the equipment they are attached to.

Our zero-speed switches are widely used as

interlocks on conveyor systems of all types.

Our switches have been recognized in the material

handling industry for nearly 50 years!

Please visit our website at http://www.speedswitch.com

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