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Posted on June 16, 1999 at 08:41:08:

We would like to pace other flow rates to that of

straw being blown/sucked in a closed 6-10" pipe.

The problem is that the straw is so light and of

such low moisture (around 8%) that it is difficult

to see what technology is best suited for the task.

Some sort of light obstruction system might work, but

these do not seem to be commercially available.

Your help is appreciated.

Eric Sandel

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Re: Measuring Flow Rates Of Airborne Straw

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I have been involved in the metering of straw.

It is not easy.

It can be done when the straw is fed into the

blow line by volume or by weight.

By weight is not so easy because of the low


You can also measure the pressure drop in the

pneumatic conveying line.

I would need more details to give better


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