Train Tracks ( Rail ) DXF Files

Posted in: , on 7. Dec. 2010 - 14:16

Hi all ,

Was wondering if anyone knows where to find a standard A- Rail DIN 536/1991 : - A75 Cad Block Profile?

..... not as easy as it sounds!


Jonathan Davies

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Art Lost

Posted on 8. Dec. 2010 - 05:36

Can't anybody draw these days. It could be done from start in about 3 minutes, give or take the warm up.

Re: Train Tracks ( Rail ) Dxf Files

Posted on 8. Dec. 2010 - 03:38

I agree pretty simple to even insert the PDF into the autocad drawing and trace around it. Then remove the PDF.

They do post some DWG files and a simple request will most likely get you a drawing.

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