Steam Curing

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Sorry this is not part of the discussion forum, but could anyone please assist.

We've just finished rubber lining a tank (4m diameter X 3.5m high) with 60 shore 6mm steam cure rubber and is ready to start the curing process. To cure we'll cover the tank with a tarp and apply steam.

Is there any formula to work out the time it will take to cure the rubber?

How Long To Cure

Posted on 16. Oct. 2007 - 01:25

Hi Zeal,

This type of question is better answered by the Vendor supplying the rubber. Talk to the Technical Representative by telephone.

If you want a more general answer, and are prepared to wait for someone on the Internet to take some interest in helping you,I would recommend

Regards - Sgt John.Rz

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Rubber Curing

Posted on 31. Oct. 2007 - 03:08

Industries processing large quanty of rubber such as tire companies usually check and standerdise cure time and other cure characteristics batch to batch using a Scorch Tester in the Mill Lab. Small industries normally do not have this tester. Therefore the best way is to test mould specimens of the same thickness as lining in a lab hydraulic press and check if max T.S is obtained. You may probably be doing lining with NR. The cure time for test specimens in a mould cure may not exceed 5 min. But steam cure - open or under tarpauline -will need much more time and an app. estimate of time is to multiply the specimen cure time by the area of lining divided by the specimen area.

Lack Of Curing

Posted on 1. Dec. 2007 - 12:00

Thanks for the comment,

We ordered some pipe to be polyurethane lined. After a few weeks of service the material de-bonded. Inadequate curing was the cause. The Vendor used a simple steam curing adaption at the side of his workshop.

We had to strip all the PU and reinstall the main pipe to a slimes dam. Cost heaps to fix.

Regards - Sgt John.Rz