Fine grain marine basalt

Posted in: , on 19. Aug. 2004 - 10:38

i am having trouble with degradation test results . i have sent material to several independent labs with very simular results,but the washington state d.o.t. lab has come up with numbers that don't even come close to other results. can someone steer me in the right direction to get more information?

we need a 15 minimum and have averaged over 40 for 10 years, a four way split was sent to three labs and the D.O.T results were 32, 35,40, and the d.o.t was 1, it has cost us about 100,000 tons of material on state jobs already.

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Re: Fine Grain Marine Basalt

Posted on 27. Aug. 2004 - 10:10

Please tell me more. We have done a lot of research into particle degradation, including developing a tester and process model which enables the prediction of degradation levels from small scale tests.

Drop me an email at and describe the problem in more detail, we'll see if we can do anything to help.