Electric arc furnace operations

Posted in: , on 4. Apr. 2007 - 11:43

when operating an electric arc furnace (submerged arc),my thoughts are that the power input should relate to the burn-off rate of the electrodes.i also feel that the rate of consuption of the electrodes is also related to its diamenter.this is not to say that these are the only parameters.my dilemna is to try to formulate a relationship of the above factors such that we can fully automate our semi-auto furnaces.this will help us to have a constant slipping rate which is based on power and electrode sizes, assuming of course that our electrode baking is constant.any help please use this forum or email me at kmukuku@yahoo.com

Re: Electric Arc Furnace Operations

Posted on 5. Apr. 2007 - 09:26

There is no dilemma at all; only the evidence that these are BULK HANDLING FORUMS.

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