Re: Container Tippler

Posted on 1. May. 2003 - 12:28

Dear Steve,

Mikalen P/L is in the process of commercialising a new concept in ISO containers (patent pending). The concept was developed following a request from Queensland Rail for design submissions to replace an existing fleet of side tipping containers used for the transport of woodchip. Since then we have gone on to develop the design and expect to release the prototype unit shortly.

The prototype 20' unit has been designed to transport bulk materials up to the maximum rated capacity of the same size ISO container, this means material with a bulk density up to 1000kg/m^3. The mechanism will allow the contents of the container to be side discharged without removing the container from the transporting vehicle (either rail or road), in addition we have designed a bilateral unit for high density commodities such as mineral concentrate up to 4000kg/m^3 that will discharge simultaneously to both sides with a tipping angle up to 65 degrees.

The device is new and innovative and eliminates the need for a tippler and associated multiple handling, should you consider the concept of interest we would be pleased to furnish additional information to allow it to be evaluated for your particular application.


John Hanna


Ph. 07 38511433

Fax 07 38511533

Business Hrs. Ph. 07 33087653 (Barclay Mowlem)

Container Tilter

Posted on 1. May. 2003 - 01:54

Phelps Industries

Little Rock, Arkansas

1 (501) 375-1141

I believe this company makes exactly what you are looking for.


Pete Parker