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Posted on 3. Jul. 2007 - 05:27

What is exploding -

a dust?

a gas?

a vapour?

What is the wall in -

a building?

a vessel?

part of a machine?

Help yourself,

spend a bit of money,

buy a copy of "NFPA 68: Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting" as a start point.

Don't know where to buy it? just Google for it!

Xavier de Gea
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Re: Vent Design

Posted on 22. Aug. 2007 - 02:01

You can use standart:


EN 14491

There are program for this calculation or use the formulas that apears on those standardt.

Good luck

Use The Phone

Posted on 30. Aug. 2007 - 05:03

Hi Naushad,

When all else fails - use the phone.

I find it a lot easier to get on the phone and talk to a real flesh-and-blood person, rather than waiting for volunteer information on the internet.

Explosion venting has been around for quite some time - as you can see from the quoted literature. Often the leading European vent manufacturers will have catalogues which give you selection information. Your technical representative can help. If you don't have one nearby, then your company will pay for a long-distance call to a Vendor in Europe or USA [tell the accountants not to be so stingy with their petty cash accounts. An explosion can cause a lot of consequential damage].

Another source is the Fire Prevention department. They often have specialists who can help you.

But if you want to do a study on explosions you are getting into another field. You are looking at the micro effect of thermal shock waves in a gas, and dynamic overpressures. Some basic modelling techniques are available for one-dimensional shock waves in a tube. Two dimensional modelling can get very complicated, because you are not only interested in the original shock front, but the effect it has when it reflects off the walls, and combines with the other pressure effects. Frustratingly complicated stuff if you want sensible answers. Much of the research comes from the military. Last time I had to do that was in South Africa when we were designing laboratories for weapons development.

Regards - Sgt John.Rz

Re: Vent Design

Posted on 30. Aug. 2007 - 06:10

Number of posts, 1

Date of post, 3/7/07

Date now, 30/8/07

Think he's lost interest (as have I)!

Keep Talking

Posted on 31. Aug. 2007 - 10:48

You might have mate,

But every post gets other hits. There are young kids all around us listening and taking in stuff you have no incling off. We should leave them a few pointers now and again.

Xavier de Gea
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Vent Area Sizing

Posted on 9. Jun. 2008 - 10:05

You can donw load our free software LPGVENT it is aplying EN 14491, you can find at


Posted on 10. Jun. 2008 - 01:36

Download registration doesn't seem to work???

Xavier de Gea
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Lpgvent Registration

Posted on 10. Jun. 2008 - 01:48

If you cannot registrate is because your extension is not permited. We give this software only to customers or potential customer.

Please send me your dades or contact with me at and I try to help.

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Posted on 10. Jun. 2008 - 02:21

Originally posted by Xavier de Gea

If you cannot registrate is because your extension is not permited. [/email] and I try to help.

What extension???

Xavier de Gea
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Posted on 10. Jun. 2008 - 03:09

Send me and email: for me my extension is ""

We give free the software to the companies that we wont, sorry and we need to identify, what company is.

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Posted on 10. Jun. 2008 - 04:34

Maybe a couple more pages in English would help. Bable fish is OK but not ideal.

Xavier de Gea
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Posted on 10. Jun. 2008 - 04:51

It is true, we are Spanish, and our market is Spain but software is in Engilsh.

At the end you can download it?

I hope it will be helpfully to you.

Dot Extensions

Posted on 12. Jun. 2008 - 12:22

Hi designer,

Standard computer language - a dot-file extension. It is used to modify your email address, by adding a (.) and an identifying code name. Then the address can be legally on-sold to others who can then delete the extension and send you a bunch of spam.

[It's kindergarten stuff if you're a computer geek].

Regards - John.Rz / Engineering Tips

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Posted on 12. Jun. 2008 - 10:20

I think the problem was that I used a hotmail account (as I frequently do for such things)