Dust Concentration Levels

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It's easy to see dust in the atmosphere, but is there any published information regarding the dust levels that have actually been measured around and inside materials handling equipment?

Re: Dust Concentration Levels

Posted on 11. Jun. 2003 - 05:21

Yes. Talk to Benetech. They have instruments that can record levels of dust that are not observable by the naked eye and give aid in dust control.

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Literature On Dust

Posted on 11. Jun. 2003 - 08:38

I suggest you also have a look at the eLibrary on this website and search for keywords like "dust". I am sure some interesting article headlines will come up copies of which could be ordered.

Reihard Wohlbier

Dust Concentration Levels

Posted on 11. Jun. 2003 - 09:02

Many medium to large organisations involved in bulk materials handling (i.e., in creating dust) will have an OHS department which monitors the dust levels in the workspace.

This provides a data base for the sort of infomation you are looking for. At the sort of concentrations which will allow deflagrations to occur however, the infomation may be sensitive and difficult to obtain.

Michael Reid.