Criterion for Inerting Solids

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Following is the data for the powder we will use in our process. Powder from the gravity feeder feeds through a compounding extruder where it mixes with rubber. No flammable solvent/vapors are present.

Max Explosion Pressure : 6.94 Barg

Max rate of Pressure rise : 808 bar/s

Kst: 219

No information is available for LEL, MIE or resstivity. Particle size : fineness through 100 mesh. 99.9% minimum.

Is this powder explosion? I definitely do grounding for the gravity feeder. Do I need any inert gas for feeder bin?

Appreciate your advice

Re: Criterion For Inerting Solids

Posted on 26. May. 2009 - 05:43

With a Kst value like that, it's explosive.

Do your risk analysis for the equipment to establish what the ignition hazards are.

Inertizing Possible?

Posted on 12. Jun. 2009 - 04:18


consider inertization as an option

you have to know if the gases can influence your product

The gaes to inertize are usually CO2 or N2

If this gases makes changes in your product you have to think about other explosion protection choices

this depends also on the size of your reactor or mixer

with the inertization you need to meassure de oxigen content; this is important to use the right quantity of inerting gas and not more

Check which is the limit of oxigen concentration in your case to avoid an ignition


Carlos Schultz

buenos aires