Substituting Co2 Systems

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This reply is no doubt way too late for the original question, but it might be useful for anyone else trawling the posts like I am.

We have either Inergen or FM200 gas flood systems coupled with VESDA either already installed or specified for most of our Motor Control Centres and all our server rooms. Both have pros and cons...

Something else to consider for substations is the fluid in the transformer. Ester-based dielectric fluids have been shown to be extremely effective at not only reducing the scale of a fire, but in preventing one from starting in the first place - even under serious fault conditions. UL andFM GLobal have both listed these type of fluids and their "rules" allow ester-based fluid filled transformers to be placed much closer to structures than conventional oil-filled ones. The added bonus (I'm an asset managementt guy) is that these fluids have also been shown to slow down the ageing process and to even reverse the effects of moisture on the insulation paper.

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hi there

just want to know what is the substitution of CO2 gas system normally installed at the substation for fire protection. at least to reduce the hazard if substation is close to office or control room

pls give interm of price comparison, maintenance with co2 system please.



Halon is another gas that reduces damage to electrical compnents.

BUT it is extremely expensive to purchase and implement.

CO2 is the gas of choice speaking from the maintenance and repair as well as firefighting experience using same it costs much less to implemenet in practice as well.

but if you have very hot fire it may not work completely if the fire has broken out tot eh exterior and has access to more oxygen as fuel.

If you have a wet substation with high voltage wet transformers gas will not help much where chemical powders and simple baking soda streams used when the power is shorted out and de-energised also work well.

a transformer farm may require you to use foam when the feeder legs have been physically disconnected when hot by removing the three cutout fuses or disconnecting the transformer farm from the grid at a primary switching station nearby is possible.

many transfromer fires afre simply left to burn out completely due to the oil in the transformers and its toxicity

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Their is substitution for CO2, you can get good information if you read the whole process, Oil and Gas News will provide you all details on various option you have.