Solid-Liquid Separation Course

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Industrial Solid-Liquid Separation Equipment

Training Course

15 May 2012

Runcorn, U.K.

This short course is a review of the equipment available for the separation of solids from liquids. It emphasises practical aspects and presents only that theoretical information which is essential to solving industrial problems. A novel feature of this course is the inclusion aspects of buying, marketing and selling solid/liquid separation equipment. The course is of interest to management and technical personnel concerned with specifying filtration equipment, and to those concerned with the application of equipment to industrial processes. They will find the course informative, regardless of whether they design, purchase, research or use filter media or filtration and separation equipment. Plant engineers, technicians and operators will find the course materials directly applicable, and graduate students will value the expert introduction to the technologies. The course will draw upon the presenters' in-depth knowledge of industrial applications and extensive R&D experience. Emphasis will be on practical aspects with theoretical information presented only where needed to support understanding of the applications.

The Filtration Society invites you to register for the one-day Training Course. The speakers are all international experts in their own right and will pass on their knowledge and valuable information about filtration equipment.

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