Seminar on Flow Problems

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J&J Seminar on Flow Problems

Proper training of personnel involved in solids handling and processing is essential to operating an efficient and reliable bulk solids handling system. Since the theory of bulk solids handling is seldom a part of formal engineering training, many in industry lack an understanding of why solids handling problems occur and what practical steps can be taken to diagnose, alleviate, or prevent them.

Furthermore, different bulk solids testers are available to characterize various properties of powders, yet many people are unfamiliar with which properties are critical or how to apply the test results for quality control purposes or hopper design.

This one-day seminar will provide solid insights into common flow problems that arise when powders and bulk solids are put into silos, bins, and hoppers. Ways to characterize a material's flow properties will also be demonstrated in our laboratory, along with a discussion of proven, effective design solutions. Available July 22 or 23 or August 12 or 13.

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