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K-Tron Process Group Announces Collaboration with Mixing Consultant’s, Inc. Presenting the Technical Seminar:

“Advances In Pharmaceutical Process Design”

October 27-29, 2010 in Bethesda, MD and

December 8-10 in Helsinki, Finland


Pitman, NJ, USA, September 23, 2010K-Tron Process Group formally announces its collaboration with Mixing Consultants, Inc. presenting a technical seminar, “Advances in Pharmaceutical Process Design”, October 27-29, 2010 in Bethesda, Maryland and December 8-10 in Helsinki, Finland. Technical seminar presented by academic experts from Rutgers University along with recognized process industry experts in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Co-sponsors include Freeman Technology, Glatt Air Technology, and Gericke. Technical seminar offers detailed process and analytical information about key topics and trends in pharmaceutical processing, including:

• Powder Processing Fundamentals: Tablets, Capsules & Aerosols

Seminar topic offers an overview of powder-based products, including tablets, capsules, and aerosol products. Details are presented relating to powder sampling, NIR Spectroscopy and other PAT methods. Course further highlights the fundamentals of batch powder mixing, powder segregation, and agglomeration. Powder lubrication and over-lubrication is addressed, and new technical solutions for automated NIR applications in powder blending are presented.

• QbD Methodologies: Effect of Material Properties on Product Performance

Seminar presents an overview of statistical characterization of materials, products and processes, with a focus on the critical material properties to consider, including cohesion, density, hydrophobicity and electrostatics. Process parameters are detailed, including shear, strain, compression force and speed. Course further highlights the effects of material properties on product performance, including a QbD approach to tablet dissolution, hardness and CU. Seminar topic concludes with a highlight on measuring and understanding powder flow.

• Continuous Manufacturing: Loss-in-Weight Feeding and Refill

Seminar topic presents the theoretical aspects and main design principles of continuous mixing processes. The operational principles of loss-in-weight feeders and their refill in continuous operations is presented, along with case studies utilizing loss-in-weight feeders and continuous mixers. Continuous manufacturing seminar further discusses roller compaction, tabletting and encapsulation, and concludes with a discussion on the general design principles required for continuous manufacturing operations.

Industry expert presenters include:

Dr. Fernando Muzzio, Ph.D: *Professor, Rutgers University, Director Engineering Research Center on Structured Organic Particulate Systems – leading expert on Pharmaceutical Powder Processing

Mr. Tim Freemen: Director of Operations, Freeman Technology - recognized expert in powder flow-ability in relation to processing and formulation development.

Mr. Ralf Kretzschmar: President, Glatt Systemtechnik GmbH - recognized expert in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, with focus in powder handling

Ms. Sharon Nowak: Global Business Development Manager, K-Tron Process Group - leading expert in macro/micro feeding & conveying pharmaceuticals

Dr. Ralf Weinekötter: General Manager, Gericke AG - leading expert in the design and implementation of continuous powder handling, feeding and mixing systems.


October 27-29, Hilton Garden Inn, Bethesda, Maryland

December 8-10, VTT Micronova Facility, Espoo, Finland (short distance from Helsinki)

Feel free to contact me with any questions and thank you again.

Nora Ashmen

Marketing Manager

K-Tron Process Group


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