7th Asian Aluminium Conference

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7th Asian Aluminium Conference

9-10 June 2011

Swissotel Grand Shanghai

Shanghai, PR China

China, the world’s biggest producer and consumer of aluminium, is the powerhouse of the Asian region, and consumption trends there strongly influence global supply-demand balances.

Metal Bulletin Events’ Aluminium Conference – Asia reflects the growing importance at global level of this region, from mine to market, from intraregional trade dynamics to finance investment and pricing issues.

Topics Include:

• A review of the global aluminium industry: Market outlook for 2011 and beyond

• The post-crisis era and industry responses: Global expansion in the light of world economic recovery

• Keynote speech: how robust is China’s aluminium industry?

• Chinese demand powering global aluminium growth

• Raw material market digest: Can it keep pace with the global aluminium demand?

• Australia bauxite mining scenario----market overview and future development

• Securing bauxite reserve to meet the increasing demand

• Industry panel: Is the new alumina pricing paradigm closer than thought?

• Understanding global aluminium trading and the futures market

• Hedging risks on the aluminium futures market: SHFE overview

• Understanding Japan’s market scenario----will the growth continue?

• Outlining Korean market dynamics

• An overview of Asian aluminium flat rolled product demand

• Aluminum in the automotive industry: Current developments and future growth

Reasons to attend:

• Ensure your business is in touch with key regional players

• Meet aluminium industry executives from the Asian region

• Hear experts view on supply, demand and price outlooks

• Network with aluminium industry executives from around the globe

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