Question about Electrostatic-Precipatator (education)

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Hello all,

I am a student in a college and I am having a project about Dust Suppression and Dust Capture systems.

Lastly, my tutor has asked me to work on the electrostatic precipitators. I have got some idea about this system so far but I would need some detail information about different type of models and design and new ideas about how to improve the efficiency of the system. My tutor asked me to "critically review" 20 or so different systems and model.... ( I am just a student... )

I was wondering if any one of you who are all experts in this field can give me some help or provide me some web resources on how can I get information like that.

Thank you


Posted on 14. Apr. 2004 - 05:55

Good luck.

Yust dial google electrostatic precipitators and you will find more than you can handle.

The facts are simple tough .

electrostatic presipitators work on a simple priciple generate a large enough voltage ( limit the current) and the particle will be atracted to one of the poles.

They have no bags , so they can be used at elevated temmperatures, they work better with small particles , bags preffer bigger particles.But

they were expensive.

Now there are house hold units you can buy in the malls.

I am not an expert, some 20 years ago I tried to reccomend one for the steel mill I was working for, and we did an extensive study, at the time they selected the least expensive unit, wet collectors, Big money in maintenance, water pollution, product loss, mud handling.

So go ahead find your way into the information jungle , you will learn more if you think there is a potential source of income in becoming an expert in the field .

Remenber some people will pay eventually for what you learn. You are a student , now , yow will always be one, no matter how old you get.

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Re: Question About Electrostatic-Precipatator (Education)

Posted on 14. Apr. 2004 - 07:25

Thank you for your help, I will look into it.

Really appreciate.