Mobile bag houses

Posted in: , on 30. Jul. 2007 - 18:03

I am looking into expanding our current mobile screening operations by obtaining C of A's to a few pieces of equipment. I would like to know if there are any mobile bag house system that can be moved from site to site and run by generator. Please respond only in the North American area.

Move Them Bags

Posted on 31. Jul. 2007 - 12:22

Hi enfernoknight,

Mobile baghouses are a specialised piece of equipment not normally available off-the-shelf.

Go to a coachbuilder. Ask them to build a special trailer.

Then go to a baghouse vendor. Ask them to configure a baghouse to fit within the road clearances so you can move the plant with a police escort. That gives you the height [say 5.2 m max highway headroom X 3 m roadwidth].

To reduce the size of baghouse fit a cyclone as a prefilter to take out the coarse component. That leaves you with the respirables to capture in the bags.

Regards - Sgt John.Rz / Open Book Club / Files / Bionic Research Institute