Fan motor pulley slippage

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hi there

what is the acceptable percentage of fan dan motor pulley slippage percentage?

is it below 2%.

let's say we have three belting for the pulley, one belting breakdown so left normal practice we change the broke belting with new one and put togehter with the others belting and make some balancing, tightening etc until the pulley run back for operation.

what is the good practice/s for the above case - need to change the broken belting only if one unit breakdwon or change whole set of belting for sure high cost?

open for discussion.......


Fan Motor Pulley Slippage.

Posted on 10. Dec. 2007 - 07:47

Vee-drive belts should be fitted and replaced as matched sets so that all have the same tension. If one belt has broken, the others are due for replacement anyway.

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Posted on 11. Dec. 2007 - 05:25


what is the allowable slippage percentage?

good practice is change whole belting but due to cost factor just change the broken belt..........

Belt Slippage

Posted on 11. Dec. 2007 - 04:14

Good practice is to change Vee belts as a set.

Changing one does not help. The belts stretch with usage. The replaced belt is therefore shorter than other two. The tension in all belts is not even. The life of overloaded belt reduces.

It is cheaper in the long run to change whole set with a matched set bought from the manufacturer.

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