Dedusting filter pipe sizing

Posted in: , on 14. Feb. 2008 - 17:38

Hi everyone,

We are designing a bagged plaster plant and I am responsible for sizing necessary pipe diameters for the dedusting filters. The only knowns are the filter's filtering media surface area and filter's fan power.

Let me give an example to make the situation clear. Assume I have 3 equipments to be dedusted, namely a 650 m3 silo fed via band conveyor at 180 t/h, an elevator of 200 t/h and another silo of 90 m3 fed via screw conveyor of 30 t/h. I have a filter of 54 m2 surface area and a fan of 11 kW. The material is crushed gypsum 0-10 mm size. This is a typical problem for me and I need to size the necessary dedusting pipe diameters. So, how can I find out other necessary unknowns such as capture velocity of dust for specific equipments and such...Please advice me satisfying sources to solve such kind of problems. Thank you all!

Sizing Of Dedusting Filter Pipes

Posted on 17. Feb. 2008 - 01:14

This is an unusual way to design a dedusting system, starting with the filter and working backwards to the duct sizes.

The filter you have will handle about 2.0 cubic metres/sec. of dedusting air. Without knowing the layout of your ducting, it is impossible to tell if the fan motor will do the job.

Obtain a copy of "Industrial Ventilation" by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. It will tell you what the duct sizes ought to be and whether your filter is large enough.

Michael Reid.