Cover Iron Ore stockyard

ayusuf - Gulf Industrial Investment Company, Bahrain
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my concern is about getting a budjet figure for an enclosure of 1500m x 80mx 25m hight to protect iron ore stockyard from high wind speeds.

can any one help??


A Yusuf

Lyle Brown
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Re: Cover Iron Ore Stockyard

Posted on 28. Oct. 2007 - 01:41


Basic engineering (to find quantities) x rates (quantity surveyor, build ups, historical data, etc) = cost.



ayusuf - Gulf Industrial Investment Company, Bahrain
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Re: Cover Iron Ore Stockyard

Posted on 29. Oct. 2007 - 05:55

thank you

on the other hand, what a bout designing ?

can any one Roughly estimate a price for the design, say with the use of galvanised sheets and pipes, other structures could be considered also.

from your experince. with this size, will the enclouser stand different wind speeds,temperature ...itc>

Who can take complete responsibility for designing such enclosure?

Design Fee

Posted on 29. Oct. 2007 - 12:04

Hi A Yusuf,

Usually Design Fees for stuctural engineering work are about 10%. Total Fees for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management - EPCM - could run to 20% of Total Contract Value.

Try for further details.

We have 6 or more Engineering Consultants in Perth West Australia who could run up a Fees Proposal for the Ore Storage Tunnel on request.

Try the following

1 - Steelwork say 30 kg/m2 at going rate of $8,000 AUD per ton

2 - Concrete say foundations - 0.5 m3/m of wall say $500 AUD per m3

3 - Floor - say 150 mm thick concrete

4 - Concrete curb wall - say 1 m high by 150 mm retaining wall

5 - Catwalk - 20 kg/m2 steel

6 - Electrical - to be advised

That should give you an overall pictute of what is involved [but I am taking a wild guess at the rates].

Regards - Sgt John.Rz

Re: Cover Iron Ore Stockyard

Posted on 7. Apr. 2008 - 12:49

If this is just to prevent the contaminants and hazardous dust from blowing from the stockpile then the answer is simple. If it is outdoors or indoors all that should ever be required is to coat the stockpile with a flexible film that prevents any blowing and dispersion of the fugitive dust. That is being accomplished now by a large number of similar companies using Dust Stop which is also certified as 100% environmentally friendly and this is something that you will soon be faced with by the new regulations coming into effect soon and already in effect in many jurisdictions. Dust Stop can do what you need and the information is found on the web site at under Dust Stop.



Norm Burns