Starlinger Open House in Jaipur

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Starlinger organises Open House in India

On March 15 and 16, 2012, Starlinger & Co. GmbH is holding an Open House on the premises of the Indian bag producer Alliance Polysacks Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur. Starlinger will present the entire production process of AD*STAR block bottom valve sacks to selected representatives of the Indian packaging industry. The individual production steps – from tape extrusion, weaving, coating and printing to sack conversion by means of the patented AD*STAR hot air sealing technology – will be shown in a practical environment.

Woven Strength for Secure Packaging

The brick-shaped AD*STAR sacks are made of woven polypropylene fabric and are ideally suited to the high degree of automation which is characteristic for filling dry bulk goods such as cement, fertilizer and chemicals, or foodstuffs like rice and other grains. The woven structure lends them exceptional strength and reliably protects the packaged goods against spilling and moisture. AD*STAR sacks also weigh much less than the paper or polyethylene film sacks used in the same applications, which means that less raw material is needed for production. In addition to the material characteristics it is the production process that makes AD*STAR sacks special: They are produced without using glue. Instead, the coating on the fabric is plastically softened by applying hot air to bond the valve and bottom patches to the sack.


Patented AD*STAR hot air sealing technology

Alliance Polysacks Pvt. Ltd. has been established in 2010 with the primary focus on manufacturing AD*STAR block bottom valve sacks and is the flagship company of the Indian SPPL Group. Featuring the latest AD*STAR technology from Starlinger, the plant is equipped for the production of 63 million sacks/year, although the production capacity will gradually be increased to reach 132 million sacks/year.

AD*STAR® is a registered trademark and produced exclusively on Starlinger machines.

About Starlinger:

Starlinger, a Viennese family business with production sites in Weissenbach, Lower Austria, and Taicang, China, has been in the mechanical engineering industry since 1835 and has been exporting products worldwide for over 45 years. Being the world market leader in the field of machinery and complete lines for woven plastic bag production and PET recycling and refinement with an export quota of more than 99.5%, Starlinger & Co. GmbH is a synonym for leadership in quality and technology in over 130 countries. The establishment of branches in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and the USA clearly underlines Starlinger’s emphasis on customer-oriented service.

About SPPL Group:

SPPL Group is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of small industrial packaging bags for fertilizer, minerals, grains and the cement industry in India, and is renowned for high standard quality products. With a production output close to 360 million bags per year, SPPL Group is reported to have one of the largest capacities in India, achieving an annual turnover of more than INR 2000 million.

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