SBS Improves Sidewall Belt Production

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New and improved Sidewall Belt Production Facility

Thetford, UK, 23rd March 2011 - SBS, one of the world’s leading producers of Sidewall Conveyor Belting, have completed the final phase in an investment programme which has seen a new and improved production facility based in Thetford, UK.

For the past 27 years, SBS have grown to become one of the leading global producers of Sidewall Conveyor Belting, which is widely used in applications that require steep angle and vertical conveying. With thousands of installations worldwide, SBS have become renowned for not just supplying a high quality product, but by providing a fully backed up sales and engineering service, right from assisting with the correct belt selection and troubleshooting existing installations, through to the installation of the belt onto the conveyor.

The new production facility has enabled SBS to produce at least 15,000 metres of sidewall belt per year, and gives clients the flexibility of selecting a cold-vulcanised profile assembly, or a hot- vulcanised profile assembly which is particularly popular in various installations where hot materials are being conveyed. All of this is backed up with our own profile moulding manufacturing programme where our sidewalls and cleats are moulded all on-site in the UK, which gives particular flexibility to clients who need rapid delivery times and where unlike other producers, SBS is not reliant on any outsourced profile supply. Our production is based fully on a UK manufactured product, with the base-belts selected from European manufacturers.

This new facility also enables SBS to enhance greater quality control of the product at all stages of production.

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