Mining Industry

Mr. Manish Kumar
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Posted on August 03, 2000 at 00:38:26:

We are an Engineering company in India with a turnover of US$ 1 billion. We

mainly deal with the Indian mining Industry, Power sector etc.

In our quest to serve the Indian mining Industry we have tied up with at

least 12 US, Chinese, Russian, Taiwanese companies to provide the mining

industry out here with quality products and services.

This is exactly where you come into the picture. Any product from your

stable which can be required by the mining industry will be sourced from you

or the companies that you recommend. Similarly. we will short list modern

technology which can be introduced in India and will market the product in


I hope this information satisfies you.

In case you require any additional information, please revert. I look

forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,

Manish Kumar

International Business Division

Escorts Limited

11, Scindia House

Connaught Circus

New Delhi - 110 001


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Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer

Posted on 31. Aug. 2002 - 06:38

Dear Sir,

We are a professional manufacturer major in Idlers, Belt Cleaners, Skirt Rubber, Impact Bar, Pulley, Wear-Resistant Ceramic Lining Plate, and other Belt Conveyor Accessories, we established in 1981 and have an excellent reputation through more than 22 years manufacturing experience, especially in the solution and manufacturing of the conveyor idlers, belt cleaners, and etc; then we have got the certificate of ISO 9001.since years ago.

The JIM WAY products have been widely adopted by Taiwan Power Company, Mining Company, Cement Industry, Iron & Steel Corp. and industries which request rigorously quality on conveyor system. Therefore, we have dedicated to research the way to surmount the traditional steel idlers restrictions; Now, one of our most outstanding product that we had surmounted successfully is the Superior Polymer Idlers., which are made by superior polymer pipe, set with the high quality bearing and our peculiar design of 4 layers multilabyrinth that is excellent for dust and water proof, they are all tested by international rules, standardized CEMA, JIS and DIN and guaranteed by our company, The improved idlers are strongly suggested to the anti-acidic, alkaline and corrosive working sites. they are lightweight, low friction, impact resistance, anti-static and economic. Which are convenience to be applied to Concrete, Cement, Quarry, Limestone, Fertilizer, Salt, Sugar, Pulp fields and etc.

By the other side, our patented belt cleaners are very competitive internationally as well as its price, which are designed with autocompensation & shock-absorption spring tension regulator and the pressure scaling indicator that make more efficiently to install, maintain, or replace it.

Therefore, if you want to know further information or inquiry, pls just feel free to ask us, we are always glad to be in the service for you and look forward to any kind of your partnership.

In case of saving your precious time, I sincerely wish you could visit our web site:

Best Regards

Santiago Chang

International Business Manager

Jenny Baldo - M&J Engineering, RSA
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Weba Transfer System

Posted on 12. Sep. 2002 - 12:46

Mr Kumar

We have been in communication with regards to our Weba Chute System for your projects. As discussed, kindly visit our website

at . We have over 1200 transfer chutes operating worldwide and can assure you that the benefits of Weba Technology can greatly reduce maintenance at plants and more important, capital outlay is reduced and returns are high.

Kindly contact me in this regard. Our Mr Mark Baller will be travelling overseas in the next month or two and we can arrange for a feasibility study to be carried out.

I have been trying to get hold of you for the past month but to no avail.

My e-mail address :

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Posted on 30. Apr. 2003 - 01:58

Dear Sir,

My company has tried successfully to have our equipment tested for use in Indian coal mines, however gaining the approval to use the equipment in the mines ended up being a bucket with a hole in the bottom, which our money poured through.

We have a range of communications and automation equipment which is sold around the world into the mining industry. We are interested in selling our products into India but we need work with a company that has excellant relations with the Director General of Mine Safety and our agent is prepared to obtain the required approvals to use the equipment in Indian mines.

Mining Industry

Posted on 23. Jun. 2003 - 09:44

Clemro Western Ltd. is Canada's leading manufacturer of aggregate and mining equipment. Clemro is Canada's only manufacturer of cone crushers and three shaft horizontal screens.

Clemro also manufacture jaw crushers, incline screens, buzzer screens, vibratory grizzly feeders, radial stackers, custom conveyors, idlers, head and tail pulleys, belt feeders, and portable and stationary plants.

We have a limited website at but I can send you detailed information if you are interested.

Clemro would welcome the opprtunity to establish a partnership with your company. I look forward to your reply.


Brent Wheeliker

Sales Manager

Proposal For Minerals From India

Posted on 27. Aug. 2004 - 02:52

Dear Sir,

I have obtained your contact from website for development of opportune for utilisation of my management background.

To briefly introduce myself, I am a Post Graduate from a Premier Management Institute in India and in addition to my present assignment as in the senior management in a Mining Company, I am persuing a venture of trading of commodities from numerious sources in India and third countries and target marketing the same appropriately.

Presently I am based in Orissa state, Eastern India, the place where the Indian Mining Industry wealth/ hub bub exists,minerals like iron ore of international grade,managnese,chrome,fire clay,decorative stones,granites,etc to name a few. I possess local contacts with mining officials and working segment,Govt.agencies and can render assistance/liaison to conclude strategic developments in the mining field in particular.The present demand for iron ore is one of the possibilities a company can have serious positive look based on my expertise.

I am prepared to travel for a personal meet at Company convenience for a meaningful dialogue on one to one basis purposefully for mutual better understanding. Alternately,I am open for online discussion on tel too.

I look for your response to the possibility of an opportune to prove my mettle with my unblemished record of loyalty, integrity and dedication to any Company outfit such as an office management and related responsibilities in India or elsewhere.

In short,if you are looking to venture into mining Industry,I am also looking for professional full time work,possibly.

I will send attached my resume on your response,speculatively,for your perusal and to find out how suitable I would be for your company development. Needless to mention that I am active and love travelling.


Aswini Kumar Acharya




Tel : 0091 674 2550442

Mob: +91 94371 29786

Fax : 0091 674 2559914


David Yang
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Posted on 28. Aug. 2004 - 03:52

Mr. Manish Kumar

We are the largest conveyor belt manufacturers in Chine with a history of 40 years. We produce 5 series and 40 varieties belting and we are certificated by ISO9002. Our products have been sold to many countries. And we would like to be more constantly present in the world market. If you are interested in setting up a business cooperation with us, please visit out website where you can see our products.

Besides, our sister company produce all kinds of magnetic separators that are used in coal mine to protect belting and other equipments. The magnetic separator is certificated by ISO 9001 and has sold to many countries.

We stay at your disposal for any information or requests and we await for your kind reply

David Yang


Fuxin Rubber (Group) Co. Ltd

Fushun Branch

Tel: 86-413-8907382

Fax/Tel: 86-413-6669020


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Procurement Manager

Posted on 3. Sep. 2004 - 11:52

Dear Sir

Kindly list me in your mailing list for enquiries to suppliers.

I represent Energy Horizon, Dammam,Saudi Arabia.

The email to correspond is


Looking forward to hearing from you


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Mining Equipment Supplies

Posted on 10. Feb. 2005 - 02:13

Dear Mr. Kumar,

We are YUNEL Ltd. Sti. located in Ankara / Turkey, one of the leading manufacturers for industrial applications in the World. We are exporting our systems to 11 countries in 3 continents such as Romania, Bulgaria, N.C.T.R., Jordan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Malaysia in addition to Turkey.

We are producing equipment such as industrial metal separators, industrial metal detectors, level indicators, air shock cannons, industrial vacuum cleaners, conveyor belt scales, impact plate flow meters, sampling stations, conveyor belt cleaners. Please feel free to contact us with the related information from our web page, showing a detailed technical data regarding to our different products.

I will be glad about having further correspondance with your company with a return e-mail. Please reply to

Best Regards,


(M.SC. Mining Eng; M.B.A)

International Sales Manager


Address: Esat Cad. No: 42/12 Kucukesat - TURKEY

Zip Code: 06660

Tel: +90 312 4193285

Fax: +90 312 4193289


Posted on 11. Feb. 2005 - 08:26

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an E.P.C. company engaged in execution of industrial projects

TURNKEY PROJECTS : Chemical & Food Processing .

WEIGHING BASED AUTOMATION : Filling, dosing, batching, check weighing system for Multi product application. Dedicated & PLC based.

We are O.E. system applicator for METTLER TOLEDO WEIGHING SYSTEMS.


MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS : Conveyor, Elevator, Pneumatic Conveying.


SPECIAL SYSTEM DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT : Custom Built Plant & Machinery For Energy Saving, Plant Utilities & Automation.

We have executed large number of SME / SSI projects on turn key basis. Parle, Nicholas Piramal, Godrej Pilsbury, Tata Tea, Kirloskar Bros, Standard Surfactants, Ranbaxy, Eicher Motors, SRF, Ghari Detergent, Khaitan Chemicals, are some of esteemed clients.

You can contact us at or

Have a nice day.

Innovative Ultra Fine Grinding Technology

Posted on 2. Mar. 2005 - 06:29

Dear Mr. Kumar,

We are a St. Petersburg, Russia based firm which is seeking cooperation to exploit a milling technology we have developed.

Being experts in mining you would therefore understand our technology's potential;

The technology we have developed is a continuous action planetary centrifugal mill,

for economical large scale ultra fine grinding of super hard materials of ceramic & mineral origin.

While in the development stage, we are providing milling services to local companies.

(We are milling quartz sands, granite pebble, metallurgical slug, glass, zirconium oxide, silica carbide & etc)

Production capacity of the prototype is 1.5 tons/hour (continuous action in open circuit)

Engine capacity of 37 kW

Our milled material is less than five microns and 30% of this material is less then one micron in size.

Surface area by BET 5.1 m2/gr! (continuous action)

Feed fraction 5mm!! -- Which means unmatched down scale factor.

Energy consumption for quartz sand for d97 is:

5 microns max .190 kWh/t

10 microns max. 135 kWh/t

20 microns max. 89 kWh/t

30 microns max. 69 kWh/t

With improvements in our inferior classifier the energy consumption would be lower.

We are not aware of a classifier which could efficiently classify large volume d100 4 micron, if we had this classifier then we would have fulfilled requirement indicators of d50 0.75 micron immediately & probably better results with some effort.

Hardness up to 10 by Moh scale,

The material is mechanically activated.

Our future project is to convert our mill from continuous action to periodic one, than we would have end product in the sub- micron range.

Our technology attracted interest among significant equipment manufacturers & we had been visited & are scheduled for more demonstrations. (I could mention Outokumpu, Netzsch, Eirich, Metso Minerals, Hosokawa Alpine)

If you would like further information on my company and our technology,

please send a short note and I will send further data for your review.

Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

Ezry Akkerman

Marketing Director

Cyclotec Oy

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Posted on 3. Mar. 2005 - 06:03

Dear sir,

In response to your recent inquiry, we would offer the use of our TEMCOR Aluminum Domes for covered bulk storage applications.

The Aluminum Dome is an efficient clear-span structure that offers many advantages over conventional types of construction. In comparison to steel or concrete roof systems, it is typically cost competitive and can be built in the least amount of time. Foundation requirements and other structural costs are also minimized due to the dome's lightweight all-aluminum construction.

As added benefits, the maintenance-free Aluminum Dome does not require any paint or protective coatings and its aluminum exterior never needs reroofing. The structures are custom designed to meet your exact size requirements and they can be engineered to support any live loads or distributed equipment loads.

TEMCOR has supplied over 5000 domes for projects worldwide and is the industry's leading designer and builder of clear-span aluminum structures. We appreciate your interest and hope that we can be of service to you in connection with any projects for which the advantages of our Aluminum Domes might be considered.

Please visit us on for our application portfolio review

Sam Saleh

Sales Manager


Tel: 310-523-2322

Fax: 310-523-2380

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Posted on 15. Mar. 2005 - 08:31

Dear Mr. Kumar,

Our company manufactures the most powerfull solids flow stimulation systems for all types of silos, bins and hoppers, pipelines etc.

The effect of our SolidFlow Patented Stimulation System is based on the repeated sudden release of high pressure gas impulses inside a silo by means of Air Impulse Generators (AIGs).

AIG’s impulses provide several hundreds times more power than any type of existing flow-aid systems. Each impulse of AIG can supply up to several thousands of kW of energy being releasing during 1-2 milli-sec.

For silos with capacity of hundreds of tons one AIG is enough to eliminate all solids flow problems instead of a great number of low-effective air cannons.

As well we have the unique technologies for coal-bed methane (CBM) wells stimulation and enhancing the wells operation for decreasing methane concentration in mines (Coal Mining Methane (CMM) wells).

We'll glad to cooperate with your company,


Dr. Gennady Carmi

ProWell Technologies, Ltd.

Rotem Industrial Park, Mishor Yamin,

D.N. Arava, 86800, Israel

Tel: 972 52 3906463

Fax: 972 8 6570166