Jesma Weighing Solutions Expands

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Jesma Weighing Solutions expands in Germany and Poland

The weighing and gravimetric dosing specialist Jesma Weighing Solutions is expanding its activities on the major markets, Germany and Poland.

Based on the growth and market potential in both Germany and Poland, Jesma has decided to establish subsidiaries of the Danish parent company.


Jesma headquarters at Vejle, Denmark

Export manager at Jesma Mr. Kim Fabrin explains: “Germany and Poland are both very important markets to Jesma. At Jesma we are confident and proud of our product quality and our abilities, however we need to be closer to our customers to be sure, that the benefits of our systems are reaching the decision makers at the potential customers. Jesma offers a wide range of dynamic and continuous scales and gravimetric dosing equipment for a large variety of business areas. From heavy duty weigh feeders to highly accurate loss-in-weight units for the chemical industry, a major part of our deliveries are in some degree customer and/or project adjusted and thus very advisory intensive. It is therefore highly important that we have local presence in order to maintain our advisory role towards our customers. With our expansion we want to bring Jesma closer to the local markets, and achieve a better feeling and overview of market potential and possibilities.

All our equipment is designed for market leading operational reliability and optimum accuracy and with our expansion we want to strengthen these strongpoints towards the markets.”


JesBelt (open)

Kim Fabrin continues: “Jesma will participate on the POWTECH 2011 in Nuremberg from 11th to 13th. of October, where we will be delighted to welcome customers on our stand 429 in hall no. 6. On the exhibition a wide range of the Jesma equipment will be displayed, including a new weigh feeder and the technically unrivalled loss-in-weight unit - and off course the new area sales managers in Germany and Poland will be present to welcome our visitors.”


Jesbelt (covered)

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