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San Diego, CA, USA - Hardy Instruments announces two significant developments that positively impact solutions provided to process instrumentation customers. To address the change in operational and business needs that industrial processors and manufacturers find themselves having to adjust to, Hardy has taken steps to tightly align its process weighing solutions to deliver operational and financial improvements in all four major areas of customers’ supply chains – stock, make, pack and ship.

In addition to ensuring these benefits are delivered at a lower cost and in an accelerated manner, Hardy has increased its resource investments into Rockwell’s Encompass Partner program for the benefit of customers. This will ensure delivery of process weighing solutions that are easier to integrate and richer in data which will help sustain process improvements and cost savings.

To help customers improve processes and achieve operational excellence, Hardy Instruments has been focusing on four major supply chain areas:

•STOCK - Customer need includes accurate inventory management. Hardy solutions offer accurate weight measurement (not estimate) of raw materials on hand.

•MAKE - Customer need includes the ability to deploy batch and/or continuous processes. Hardy solutions include material feed management using measurement and/or control by fed weight or flow rate.

•PACK - Customer need includes accurate and repeatable filling measurement and control. Hardy solutions include material feed management using measurement and/or control by feed weight.

•SHIP - Customer need includes flexible consolidation and reconsolidation of packed goods. Hardy solutions include accurate checkweighing of packaged goods

Hardy Instruments has been a leader in weighing solutions for more than 90 years and is best known for its innovative technology and approaches to precision weighing. An ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer, Hardy Instruments is based in San Diego, California.

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