Bunting® Launches U.K. Sales Center

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Bunting® Launches United Kingdom-Based European Manufacturing and Sales Center

Newton, KS, USA – Bunting® Magnetics Co. is launching a new manufacturing and sales operation center based in Berkhamsted, England. This location will be responsible for all sales in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the African continent. Also, this operation will manufacture equipment that is part of our Magnetic Separation product line.

This expansion coincides with the acquisition of Magnet Applications by Bunting®. The acquisition was completed in April, 2008. Magnet Applications was founded in 1955 and currently has manufacturing operations in Berkhamsted, England and Dubois, Pennsylvania USA. Magnet Applications manufactures and distributes a wide variety of technical bonded magnets, precision magnetic assemblies and complementary magnet products.

“This expansion is an extension of our acquisition,” Robert J. Bunting, the company’s owner and Chief Executive Officer said. “Magnet Applications significantly expands Bunting’s product and market scope. They have outstanding market recognition as a premier manufacturer of bonded NdFeB magnets and technical assemblies. Now, by manufacturing Bunting® equipment within the European Union, we will be able to build on the reputation of both companies and offer a fuller range of magnetic technology to the eastern hemisphere.”

In May 2010, as part of this expanded presence in Europe, Gareth Meese was named Export Sales Manager for Magnet Applications Limited (MAL), a division of Bunting®. Meese will have dual responsibilities to oversee and develop sales for the product lines for both Bunting® and MAL.

“Gareth will be vital to our continued strategic focus on the European Union,” stated Bunting. “He is aggressive and focused and will rapidly help us to grow our presence throughout the region. Gareth understands the applications of our products very well and that will translate into letting us solve customer issues quickly.”

Meese’s primary responsibilities will be sales in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the African continent. He is tasked with establishing an extensive network of distributors and engaging original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) for long-term partnerships. Gareth, who started with MAL in May 2009, will also be instrumental in new product development and developing new distribution channels.

“This is an exciting time to be a part of launching Bunting® Magnetics products into Europe. Our quality is tough to equal and will fill a void in the marketplace,” Meese stated. “Through our efforts, we will be able to quickly build upon the 50 years of experience and history of the company and establish Bunting® as the leader for Magnetic Separation products in the rapidly developing European market.”

Mr. Meese holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Wales in Cardiff. Gareth has over eight years of sales experience primarily in the financial services, factory automation and industrial equipment industries. Gareth will be based at MAL headquarters in Berkhamsted.

Bunting® is a major U.S.-based manufacturer of magnetic assemblies and equipment. The company’s product line serves global markets and includes a broad range of magnetic materials and components, magnetic separation systems, material handling equipment, magnetic printing cylinders, flexible dies and metal detection equipment. MAL is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of bonded magnets and assemblies.

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