Bulk storage domes & structures

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Geometrica specialises in the design ,manufacture and installation of domes and structures upto 300 Metres span without internal supports,using a patented design software,for Industrial and architectural applications. These could be circular,longitudinal or freedome*. Can be used in cement plants,ports and infact every where.

Industrial applications include:

Bulk storage in large volumes: geometrica has supplied circular domes of 142 M diametre and 40 M height for thermal plants to store coal of capacity 1,40,000 Tonnes each .

Manufacturing facilities (factory buildings) Geometrica has supplied 224 M span (on major axis) x 85 M without internal supports for a manufacturing facility in Mexico.

Ware housing

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Bulk Storage Domes And Structures

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Our DSI Snake-Sandwich High-Angle conveyor will be an ideal method to elevate materials to the storage domes. Able to follow closely the dome profile the snake stucture will be inconspicuous appearing as a longitudinal rib.

Dome structures use curvature for structural strength and stability. Snakes use curvature to induce a radial pressure that hugs the conveyed material to elevate it at high angles to vertical. The common curvature makes for a perfect fit.

Please visit our web page to learn about our DSI Snakes.

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