Russell Finex: Sieving Synthetic Calcium Silicate at Promat

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Sieving Promaxon-D, a synthetic Calcium Silicate based powder

The Russell Compact Sieve helps safeguard the high quality standards at Promat Belgium

Promat achieve increased productivity and improved quality on their Promaxon®-D production line with the installation of the Russell Compact Sieve®.

Promat, a part of the Etex Group, is a global leader in the manufacture of high performance fire protection and insulation products. The Etex Group, headquartered in Belgium, is present in 45 countries, operating 123 production sites and employing more than 18,000 people. At the Promat plant in Tisselt, Belgium, the production site was expanded to introduce a new production line for Promaxon®-D, a synthetic Calcium Silicate based powder. For the new production line, state of the art equipment was required and Promat turned to Russell Finex, who have developed and supply the world renowned Russell Compact Sieve®, for high quality screening solutions.


Like most fire protection and insulation products, Promaxon®-D is based on Calcium Silicate and engineered by specific chemical reactions. It is a white free flowing powder consisting of micro-porous spherical particles. Because of its low density, the powder is used in numerous insulation products and is also widely supplied to car manufacturers throughout the world, for use in the production of brake blocks.


Fig. 2:

A 900mm diameter Russell Compact Sieve®

installed at Promat, Belgium to sieve a porous powder, Promaxon®-D.

• Ensure product quality - Screen your product to eliminate any oversize contamination

• Enclosed screening - Eliminates dusts and fumes, safe-guarding operators

• Compact design - Easy to install in existing or new production lines

The production process of Promaxon®-D is a unique and complex procedure. Initially a chemical reaction is carried out to form a slurry which then passes through a special crystallization and drying process, resulting in Promaxon®-D. The resultant powder is then sieved prior to packaging where it is bagged and packed for shipment. For this last stage of the process, Promat required a screening solution which could handle high capacities whilst providing a high sieving accuracy. Koen Nijs, Production Manager of the Promaxon®-D line explains: “We produce high quality product, which is mostly used in the car industry where the quality of raw materials cannot be compromised. In order to guarantee our high quality standards, we added a sieve at the end of the production line as an extra check point so we can be a 100% sure the powder is without any contamination.”

High quality screening equipment

When searching for a sieve, Promat contacted several sieve manufacturers and chose Russell Finex. “We chose Russell Finex because they were able to provide us the solution and service we needed. Before purchase we were able to conduct initial product trials at Russell Finex test facilities as well as having a trial unit at our site. This gave us complete assurance that the sieve could meet our requirements.” Nijs explains.

After positive trials, Promat purchased a 900 mm diameter Russell Compact Sieve®. The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high capacity vibratory check screener and has been applied in numerous applications in a wide range of industries throughout the world. This check screener was able to meet the most important requirements of Promat, namely providing the right quality and meeting the required capacity. “With the Russell Compact Sieve installed at the end of the production line, the quality of the product is guaranteed. This extra quality check assures us that our product is contamination free,” Nijs comments.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a check screener which can be installed easily into a new or existing production line. Due to its compact design it can be fitted into places where headroom is limited. The sieve is also very simple to maintain with assembly and dis-assembly easily achieved without the need for any tools, keeping time needed for cleaning to a minimum. Russell Finex pride themselves in providing customized solutions to suit individual needs and modified the Russell Compact Sieve® supplied to Promat, to include a closed sieve deck to protect operators from harmful fumes. “We are very satisfied with our purchase and would recommend Russell Finex to other manufacturers who have a screening requirement” Koen Nijs concludes.

For 80 years Russell Finex has been manufacturing and supplying sieves and filters to ensure that powders and liquids are free from contamination, improve product quality, enhance productivity and safeguard the health of workers. Throughout the world, Russell Finex serves a variety of industries with applications including paint, coatings, chemicals, adhesives, plastisols, food, pharmaceuticals, metal powders and ceramics.

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