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Bulk Port Information

Posted on 8. Jan. 2007 - 07:47

Which information are you looking for?

You must be more specific if you want someone to reply.

R.H. Wöhlbier

Re: Look For Bulk Port Info

Posted on 8. Jan. 2007 - 07:55

i need in such




max vsl for 50k and 75k dwt

plus any info for cost



Re: Look For Bulk Port Info

Posted on 9. Jan. 2007 - 02:35

Almost each port has a bulk handling terminal(s).

There are many internet pages, for example , have the port links to all ports of the world or some regions, including their URL addresses. There you can find information about bulk terminals, their arrangement, capasity, dimensions and available depth.

Max dimensions of 75k bulk carrier: LOA-250 BM-32.2 Depth-19 Draft-15, all abt.

About "any info for cost". Cost of what? Port dues, cargo loading/discharging expenses, freight cost or some others?

I think you should explain purpose of your query to get comprehensive information.

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Re: Look For Bulk Port Info

Posted on 10. Jan. 2007 - 06:25

hi vladmir,

your reply is well recvd with many thanks and bout the cost on what you ask what all i need from the the port cost etc..