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The newly established Association of Powder Technology in China will celebrate an opening ceremony on December 23, 2006 in honor of its inception. We would like to invite you to send greeting letters so that we can establish closer relationships.

The Association of Powder Technology (APTC) in China has worked over six years to pass the application process to be a legal association nationwide. The application was issued on July 22, 2006 by the State-Owned Assets Supervision Office, the Administration Commission of the State Council and Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People`s Republic of China. Before this promotion, the name of the association was the Committee of China Powder Industry Association (pending approval) and its work was supported by the Material Department of Tsinghua University. In compliance with government requirements, all members of the association agreed to create APTC affiliated with CBMIF.

APTC has been designated by the government to take responsibility as a leader in China in providing effective information and professional support in the following affairs: information exchange, safeguard of enterprise rights, market self-discipline, development of technical standards and international cooperation, etc. APTC is an important channel with the increasing market of powder machinery, instruments and powdery raw materials in China. APTC will bridge the needs of technology and marketing between China and the world.

The Chinese powder industry is a huge market, which needs a lot of cooperation and information exchange both in powder processing technology as well as in application of the processed powdery raw materials. It is our honor to have you join us to cooperate in future.

Association Sectaries: Miss Jane Wang, Ms Michelle Yu

Tel: 86-10-62781144, 62772725, 86-10-62791258(Fax)

Email Address: powder@tsinghua.edu.cn

Website: http://www.chinapowder.cn, http://www.chinapowder.com

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