Slurry in-line mixer

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Posted in: , on 3. Dec. 2002 - 12:16

I am sourcing for a in-line mixer to slurry the TiO2 pigment (0.5µm) with water for the wet grinding application.

Is there any product in the market that can continuously draw the pigment (TiO2) and water (50:50) for slurry formation and discharge to a storage tank.

Thank you.

Slurry Mixing

Posted on 8. Jan. 2003 - 09:25

Slurry mixing is slightly out of my field but I see two aspects to the application. The first is securing a reliable feed system for the TiO2, because this is a poor flowing, cohesive powder that is difficult to dispense in a controlled manner, particularly at low, accurate rates.

The second task is to disperse the powder in the liquid. For such a duty I would suggest a Silversons high-shear mixer would probably be suitable. These are normally tank mounted and work by recirculating the liquor through a vortex via a rotating cylinder with bars or holes that run close to a fixed surface to impose intense shear and provide the pumping action to drive the system.

Taking the two issues together it may by easier to weigh a batch of TiO2 and feed this out with a screw feed that is not so demanding of accurate rate into a conrolled volume of water, rather that try to achieve an accurate short term feed.

Much may depend upon how the TiO2 is stored, what rate of slurry is required and whether a steady, continuous supply is needed. If you care to send more details direct to, I will try to assist further.

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Slurry Mixer

Posted on 4. Feb. 2003 - 06:11

Dear Lyn,

Thank you for your reply. We are well aware of the TiO2 flow problems as we have a grinding facility currently and conveying is by pneumatic and its a very difficult. We have to introduce air to fluidise the material at various stages.

We have a few suppliers contact for the slurry mixer and in touch with them for quotation.

Thank you again.


Re: Slurry In-Line Mixer

Posted on 5. Feb. 2003 - 03:52

The air content of TiO2 can give rise to various problems of containment, density, packing and the like. It is slow to de-aerate due to the fineness of the particles, but this process can be accelerated by providing preferential air escape routes in a holding vessel, if these types of problems arise. You can see more about this techniques on the web site if of interest.


Re: Slurry In-Line Mixer

Posted on 7. Feb. 2003 - 03:21

We have a mixer that has been trised for making Titanium Dioxide. Please contact us by email and we can send you the brochures etc. The mixer is called Soliquid.

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