Cosmetic Bronzing Pearls

Posted in: , on 11. May. 2007 - 17:15

Hi Lyn,

I'm not too sure if this is the right place for my question if not I'm soooo sorry!!

I have been searching for a ball/bead forming machine for small prodution to produce bronzing pearl makeup like the pic shown in the link below and also have problems trying to find out how they are actually made.


I am not from the industry and have just been getting lost amongst huge machinery to which I have no idea what I'm actually looking at and if the machine is what I'm looking for.

Are there small manual machines on the market for these types of pearls? Could I actually do this type of thing in my garage/Kitchen?

I did find this a polymer clay roller for jewelry:

The idea is good but I'd be rolling for the rest of my life.

So if you have any idea where I can continue my search or pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Lyn I thankyou for you time.


Powder Production

Posted on 12. May. 2007 - 12:58

Hi mac147,

I guess you have asked the question on one of the friendliest engineering forums around. As I understand it, you have a cosmetic clay or moist powder pigment. You want to produce pills, or balls as a marketing product.

In the old days we would use a kitchen mincer with a sausage making attachment. This can be refined to become a batch extruder. There must be lots of these in the backyard drug industry for making pellets or balls.

Get on the phone to some pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, and ask them for leads.

Keep them pills popping - Sgt John.rz

Re: Cosmetic Bronzing Pearls

Posted on 13. May. 2007 - 01:39

Hi Sgt John,

Thanks for your reply and I think I must be in right place for a question like this.

Yes you have hit the nail on the head I am wanting to make bronzing pearls and being a big do it yourselfer I sort of thought I could produce these myself, but as I've written already I have just been getting lost in machinery which is rather confusing for a person who has absolutely no idea.

Sgt John I can't quite imagine a mincing machine making balls, pellets sure but balls?? Can't quite see round balls falling out of the machine.

I would still love to know how a machine that produces these balls work.

Anyhows thankyou for your advice.



Great Balls Of Fire

Posted on 13. May. 2007 - 02:32

Hi mac147,

Balls are balls. In the manufacturing industry you have a number of options

1 - Liquid can be dropped from a height in a condensing tower. By the time the drops have hit the bottom they have cooled into the shape of a ball, due to the surface tension effect

2 - Balls can be tumbled. The edges of a cylinder can be bruised off by rolling them in a tumbler

3 - Balls, such as lead weights for fishing, or cough drops, are made in a die. You can often see the seam line on the outside. Soap and chocolate are made in the same way. This can be masked in a gentle tumbler

4 - Soft materials are cast into a mould of flour or sand. This is a common engineering technique skillfully applied in the food industry

Regards - Sgt John.rz