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thyssenkrupp and indurad receive "Data-based Services 2017" Award

Bearbeitet von mhd am 28. Nov. 2017
As part of a benchmarking study by the renowned RWTH Aachen University, Germany, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and indurad have been awarded the "Data-based Services 2017" award. This year, the study focused on identifying industry leading approaches in the field of data-based services and digitization among 75 participating European companies.

"We are delighted that we were chosen out of such a strong group of participants. The solutions we developed together with indurad are unrivaled when it comes to transforming offline machines into digital tools. For example, with our condition monitoring solutions we are able to foresee machine failures before they happen. By taking appropriate countermeasures in good time we reduce downtimes and help our customers by optimizing production processes,"? says Christian Fabry, Head of Sales Performance and Procurement in the Parts and Supply Management department of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

Data-based Services enhance Productivity, Process Security and Competitiveness

By collecting and analyzing data the solutions create added value for customers in the mining and mineral processing industry. The basis for this is a unique radar technology that is capable of performing measurements online and in real-time. It is compatible with every kind of equipment in the market ?whether brownfield or greenfield.thyssenkrupp and indurad were recognized not only for their digital solutions but especially for the highly customized nature of these solutions. "For example, for one of our customers we developed a tailor-made, fully automated longitudinal storage system for bulk materials. Knowing the height and shape of each pile, our solution not only automatically directs the reclaimer to exactly the right position, but additionally allows a precise forecast of future demand. In addition, we were also able to increase utilization of the facility significantly," adds Christian Fabry."Alongside productivity, our solutions also enhance process stability and collision avoidance. For instance, we can reduce crawler drive control movements by up to 40 percent, decreasing wear and process variations and additionally reducing the number of collisions to zero. Data-based solutions can get the complete production chain up to speed, allowing all mining systems to be fully automated,"? concludes Reik Winkel, CEO of indurad.More information on thyssenkrupp Industrial SolutionsMore information on indurad

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