Spiroflow: Bulk Bag Filling Solution for Baby Food

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Spiroflow´s Bulk Bag Filling Solution Boosts Baby Food Production

Spiroflow Ltd, world-leading manufacturer of conveying and weighing systems, has boosted productivity at a household name baby food manufacturer by installing a bulk bag (FIBC) filler and vacuum conveyor system to significantly reduce the need for manual handling.

Shifting millions of tonnes of very fine ingredients is part and parcel of the production process for food companies, which must have systems and equipment in place that adhere to regulatory requirements.

The company specified a bulk bag (FIBC) filler for various infant formulas and powders. The equipment is manufactured entirely of stainless steel with automatic height adjustment for different-sized bags, and offers bag inflation and a vibration facility for an even, accurate fill and effective compaction – resulting in a stable load for both storage and transportation.


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Spiroflow Bulk Bag Filler for Powdered Milk

Completing the ATEX approved conveying and bulk handling solution is a gas flushing connection and vacuum conveyor system for the safe, accurate and dust-free filling and transportation of powdered milk.

Deploying a filling machine for bulk bags and vacuum conveyor system for transporting the product is saving the company the equivalent of 40 25kg sacks per filling and reducing handling downstream, as the product is emptied automatically rather than manually.

The firm’s site engineer chose Spiroflow as he had positive previous experience of its conveying equipment, having previously purchased flexible screw conveyors from Spiroflow several years ago - which are still operating satisfactorily to this day.

The customer used bulk bags to reduce manual handling and increase hygiene levels: bulk bags are one of the most convenient, cost-effective methods of packaging, storage and transport. Market-leading customers in industries ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to plastics and building products, use Spiroflow’s handling systems for bulk bags, usually for filling or discharging fragile or fine-particle products quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

In addition to bulk bag fillers and vacuum conveyors, Spiroflow also manufactures flexible screw conveyors, aero mechanical conveyors, tubular cable and chain drag conveyors, bulk bag dischargers, ingredients handling and weighing systems. The company’s technical and engineering expertise has led to it developing an international reputation for an unrivalled range of products with state-of-the-art control systems.

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