H. Rand Palletizing Safety Systems - Stabilizing Pallet Loads

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H. Rand Palletizing Safety Systems - Smart Solutions for Stabilizing Pallet Loads

For every successful and efficient production it is essential to palletize and dispatch the goods in a safe, stable and unitized manner.

Thanks to modern palletizing technology, accurately stacked units are now reaching the end of the line. At that point solutions are required to maintain the unitized shape of the pallets all the way until the goods reach the endusers.

The company H. Rand addresses this issue and offers smart and efficient solutions since 1980 with their Palletizing Safety Systems.

The Challenge: Keep goods in place during transportation

Unitized goods which tend to lose their original shape during handling and transportation are common issues in logistics due to a very low coefficient of friction between the single packages. With several points of handling in the logistics chain the stacked bags are exposed to movements which negatively affects their shape. Bulging and leaning of pallets as a consequence make it impossible to unload efficiently and store safely in the warehouse once arrived at their final destination.

These issues result in additional costs for re-packing or even rejections from the clients, line shut-downs or production-delay and in the worst case in fatal accidents from collapsing pallets in the warehouse.


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Tilt Test

The Solution: Bonding the bags with Coldglue

H. Rand's answer to the above described challenges is to significantly increase the friction between every single bags and thus increase the stability of the whole pallet.

Different from solutions that work only from the outside of the pallet like strapping, hooding or wrapping, H. Rand's solution with GripFixTM Anti-Slip Agents absorbs the accruing forces directly from the inside of the pallet which results in a much higher robustness against movements.

After filling and equalizing the bags a small amount of GripFixTM Anti-Slip Agents will be applied through particular BagFixTM Application Machines right onto the surface of every single bag during the palletizing process. GripFixTM creates an immediate bonding throughout the layers during stacking which enables the pallet to be moved directly into the warehouse.

While GripFixTM significantly increases the shear-strength between the layers which prevents the bags from sliding, a very low tensile strength remains between the bags to ensure that they can be lifted and de-palletized easily when they have reached their final destination.

Customized properties and application processes

While all GripFix Anti-Slip Agents are generally water based and solvent free they still can be customized in their specific properties.

No matter which packaging material and technology is used (valve-, open-mouth, FFS, paper-, plastic bags) or which ambient environment exists, GripFixTM Anti-Slip Agents can be adjusted to fit specific demands and applied in several different patterns.

BagFixTM Application Machines are capable to serve every palletizing-speed or setup. They can be integrated as a part of the whole line or work independently as a separate unit. In both cases adjustments and configuration of the parameters (e.g. skip gluing the top layer) can be programmed right on the BagFixTM machine.

Cost effective and environmentally friendly solution

Further consequences of increased pallet stability using GripFixTM Anti-Slip Agents are that additional secondary packaging can be minimized and only applied for moisture and dust protection. Hence both material cost and waste disposal charges can be cut significantly at the same time.

GripFixTM is water-based and solvent free. With its ingredients being derived from natural origin it is nonhazardous for handling and transportation. It is 100% environmentally friendly with Zero Carbon Footprint and other than solvent- or EVA-based solutions GripFixTM does not leave any stain or residue on the bags. Printings and images on the packaging material won't be affected. Only when the bags are separated the bonding dissolves leaving the surfaces clean and tidy without any sticky or greasy touch.

With the concept of water-based cold glue H. Rand provides an innovative, environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for the industry.

About H. Rand

The company H. Rand is market leader in Palletizing Safety Systems. Since 1980, we offer smart and efficient solutions for securing pallets and providing services for our customers to optimize their production despatch. Our systems and solutions help to ensure safe transportation of goods in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. Registered trademarks of H. Rand are GripFixTM Anti-Slip Agents and BagFixTM Application Machines. Based in south-west Germany with a subsidiary in Singapore, the company exports in over 45 countries with several international partners and agents all over the world.

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