Side arm charger

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dear all,

can any body please tell What is required side arm charger draw bar pull for hauling 58 loaded wagons having a gross weight of 80tons

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Dear Mr. Ravi,

The draw bar pull by the side arm charges will mainly depend upon the following :

- Rolling resistance of the wagons on a horizontal track.

- Track gradient if any

- Operational wind velocity (international practice is that such material handling system should generally be able to operate for wind velocity up to 72 kmph, unless operational manual mentions some other limit for the wind velocity).

- Time period (seconds) which are allotted for acceleration and deceleration of the movement of such wagon rakes. You may be investigating the draw bar pull in context of the unloading cycle etc. If so, this time will also affect the drawbar pull. The time will also depend upon the velocity of the movement. The wagon rake behaves as a flexible mass during such acceleration movement.

I think the above information will be of help to you.


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Side Arm Charger

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Dear All,

what capacity side arm charger should be selected for hauling a sub rake of 29wagon having 110 gross wt each on a curved path.

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Hi mailmeravi,

Did you get an answer in the end? If so what can we learn from it - or who was most helpful?

Regards - Sgt John.rz

Side Arm Charger

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Dear Mr.Mailmervi,

In INDIA we calculate as given below.

Draw bar pull required = 58 x 80 x 8/1000 Ton in straight track

=37.12 ton.

So If we take 50.0 Ton draw bar pull it can haul full rake.



58- wagons makes a rake

8 kg/ton- friction bet. rail & wheel in good condition.