Increase belt conveyor speed

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hello ,

we have a conveyor belt with tripper (width : 24" - speed :1.2m/s - particle size : 50 micron )

and want to increasing speed to 2m/s we selected new motor and gearbox. I want to know what are the

limitations about increasing speed ? what are the other

changes that we need?



Re: Increase Belt Conveyor Speed

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Layout the trajectory in the chute. If the chute is too small, you may get some unpleasant surprises.

Presumably the speed is increased to get increased capacity. Not knowing the details, you may be increasing the belt tension so check that the traverse drive/brake was adequately sized in the first place or the tripper may decide to move when you don't expect it to.

Re: Increase Belt Conveyor Speed

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Your 50 micron is not sufficient information. Is the 50 micron the P80, d50, or other nominal measure? What percentage is below 10 micron?

These points refer to the liberation of fines into the atmosphere.

There is a critical speed that will cause wind erosion and discharge of the fines along the conveyor and more significantly the material behavior in the chute and onto any receiving conveyors.

The tripper sound ominous. How do you control dust liberation at the tripper discharge with sub 50 micron material? Material will typically exceed 2 m/s velocity in the tripper chute and beyond.

Likely you can increase the speed if the chute has the proper geometry to control dust and if the conveyor is contained.

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Hi Mrs afsaneh

give more information about material that should be handled and explain specification of existing conveyor