Reverse air filter !

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Hi all members,

We have two filter that we have not any technical information

about them. but i think these are reverse air.

would anybody have any informations about reverse air filter and

de-dusting methods in filters?

thanks much,

mehdi maleki.

attach file: figure1. reverse air bag filter.

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Re: Reverse Air Filter !

Erstellt am 7. Jun. 2006 - 04:24


try this website

Vilas Wadekar
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Re: Reverse Air Filter !

Erstellt am 9. Jun. 2006 - 02:19

Hello mehdi maleki,

pl submitt your drawings to us. I think we can solve your


see our web site


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Identifying Your Filters

Erstellt am 30. Apr. 2011 - 06:15

WE have a huge database of most filters, so if you can provide sufficient details, we may be able to identify them for you.

Re: Reverse Air Filter !

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This thread is 5 years old - i really doubt he still needs the information.

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