Storing And Discharging Of Circular Objects

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Any one can tell me how to store and discharge 200 pieces of circular object with diameter of 60mm e.g Tennis balls,etc. in a container or hopper. The discharge have to be 2 or 3 balls at one time continuously until empty.

Feeding Balls 2x2 Or 3x3 From 200

Erstellt am 27. Dec. 2001 - 01:06

You require a rotating chamber with 6 radial slots in a circle to fit balls. Three openings let one set of 3 balls into opening and 3 balls discharge from adjoining alternating openings when rotated 60 degrees. The horizontal plane above and below the ball containers is alternately allowing entry or discharge but not both. In this way, balls can enter the rotating chamber, but are blocked from leaving until a 60 degree rotation places the balls over the exit holes. If you require 2 instead of 3 then each 90 degree rotation accomplishes the same.

Hope this is clear enough to be of help.

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