What is the best sample degas method prior to BET analyses?

Paul A. Webb - Micromeritics, USA
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Posted in: , on 10. Dec. 2001 - 18:58

Which is the most efficient method of degassing a sample, heat + vacuum or heat + flowing inert gas?

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Re: What Is The Best Sample Degas Method Prior To Bet Analyses?

Erstellt am 14. Jul. 2004 - 05:27

hi paul,

Frankly speaking I do not have indepth informatin on the best degassing method available.I tend to use a very efficient degasser which applicates heat as well as uses combination of inert gas flow.So to sum up your query combination of heat and inert gas gave me great results.


Pradeep Prabhu.

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Erstellt am 15. Jul. 2004 - 05:17

There is no one best method for degassing, you have to look at it in context, if you have a heat sensitive material it is probably better to avoid it. If you have a very fine material (micronised) vac degassing in the machine is going to block your manifolds etc.

Flow degassing is useful but can be problematic with low exposure limit material

I hope this helps you think about what would be best for you,